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Shop Rides & Routes

SpokeWorks Bicycle Workshop hosts weekly local group rides for road, gravel, and mountain cyclists. We encourage all interested cyclists to join us, as we aim to offer varying riding intensities so everyone can join a ride during the week. We love seeing new cyclists join us! Please feel free to stop in the shop if you have any quesitons, or call us at 843-513-8161.

All riders are required to sign an online rider waiver before riding. You only need to sign a waiver once, and this covers you for all shop rides in the future.

SpokeWorks Shop Ride Guidelines

Whether you are new to riding in a group or a seasoned veteran, we ask that you be aware of some guidelines when riding with us.

  • Have FUN. The reason we are riding in a group is to enjoy an awesome activity around like-minded people. Riding a bicycle is supposed to be fun. If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right.
  • If you are new to group riding, leave your ego or feeling of intimidation in the parking lot. The team at SpokeWorks genuinely cares about you progressing in your chosen style of riding, and we want to help as much as possible. No one should be made to feel intimidated about where they are in their cycling journey.
  • Use hand signals when appropriate, and call out obstacles. Do your best to inform other riders of potential hazards.
  • When in a pace line (road/gravel), be attentive. Due to the environment around you, changes in pace can happen quickly. A quick reaction time will not only keep you safe, but ensure others are safe as well. Always ride with your hands in the "brake ready" position.
  • Do not overlap wheels when riding behind someone. Keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. If you aren't sure what "safe" means, don't be afraid to ask a shop ambassador.
  • Bikes equipped with aero bars are welcome, but riders must ride with their hands on the brakes when in a pace line.
  • Be aware of the advertised pace of a ride. Although we will not leave anyone behind, riding slower than a ride pace is dangerous and can disrupt the flow of the group.
  • Sharing is caring. Do your part in pulling the group if you are comfortable. This should be established before the start of a ride. Maintain the advertised pace of the ride. If you don't have a cycling computer, you should purchase one that enables you to monitor your speed.
  • When participating in our mountain bike rides, follow all posted trail rules. We are fortunate to have individuals who maintain our local trails, and rules are posted to aid in preserving these trails and minimizing trail creep.
  • Always carry a flat repair kit. Although we are all willing to help a rider change a flat (yes, they happen!), most riders won't be happy if you aren't prepared for emergencies. See a SpokeWorks ambassador about what items are necessary to carry in your flat repair kit.
  • Ask questions. If you are unsure about something, we are here to help!
  • Sign a rider waiver. This is required for your first ride with us, and will cover you for all future rides. The rider waiver is available on our website.

Gravel Cycling Rides and Routes

Thursday Evening Gravel Ride

A moderately difficult gravel ride consisting of 10% pavement and 90% gravel following the beautiful Edisto River in Cottageville, SC.

Camp Buddy/Tuten Rd.

Our go to night gravel ride, meeting at the intersection of Camp Buddy Rd. and Sullivan's Ferry Rd. Will take us on a fun out and back near the grave site of Issac Hayne.

Lake Moutrie West Dike

An smooth and comfortable out and back route following the West Dike of Lake Moultrie.

Road Cycling Rides and Routes

Volvo Ride #1 (15 miles)

A simple 'T' shaped route starting at the information center on the Volvo Campus.

Volvo Ride #2 (41.7 miles)

A country road route through the town of Ridgeville leaving from the information center of the Vovlo Campus.

Sawmill Social (15 miles)

A 15 mile route utilizing part of the Sawmill Branch Trail. We use this route for our C-pace Saturday Sawmill Social Shop Ride. (updated August 2022)

S.I.R.R. (25.5 miles)

Our Saturday Intermediate Road Ride mimics the beginning of our Sawmill Social, but tacks on some extra mileage through Summerville proper.

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